First Contest Postponed :(

Well, since this group is still really tiny and this week is Thanksgiving (in the US, anyway), I'm going to postpone the first contest indefinately until I've gathered enough members. I'd really want to do this group, but it just wont work unless more people sign up, obviously.
I'll post again when the contest is on again.

First week icon contest- Harry Potter

[I]The stillness bug is spreading! And thats really good, so you should all be kissing feet right now, but the person who should have the shiniest shoes by the end of it is quebelly, she founded the idea, all praise her![/I]

I'm fairly new at livejournal, but already I've fallen in love with
icon contest communities like these, so I've decided to dive right in
and make one of my own. This is an icon creating community for all
fandoms: books, television, movies, etc. I will take suggestions for
which fandom will be featured each week, so feel free to leave a
comment with a request. I will also take suggestions for bases.
Want to contact me? My personal lj is sveltskye</b> .

Since this is a new group, I've decided to start off with a Harry Potter base to try and gather members. This week's base is:

The rules are:

 1) No animated icons

2) No voting for yourself

3) No asking anyone to vote for you- you must remain anonymous

4) No posting your icon or using your icon before the results are announced

5) Submissions must be no bigger than 100x100, as according to lj's policies.

6) Only jpg, gif, and png format allowed.

Entries that break any of these rules will be deleted.
Entries must be submitted by 9 pm on Fridays (however, because I'm
starting this on a Wednesday, this week's will be due next Friday).
Voting will take place by poll, starting at 9 pm on Fridays and ending
at 9 pm on Sundays, at which point the top three winners and a mod's
choice winner will be announced. You may submit by posting a reply to
each post with a base. The comments will be screened so that only I and
the creator can see them.
Please submit your entry by posting an src and url, as so:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lj Icons/?action=view&current=MyHDMIcon21.jpg


 Images must be posted from and linked to a hosting site, such as

The rules and that bit of history were heavily borrowed from the HPStillness group
(thanks!).  I will be posting them in the group info area as soon
as I've figured out how :).

All winners will recieve a banner made from their icon.  That's about it.  Good luck!

Edit: I've decided that every four contests (once a month) I will have a base free contest; that is, there will still be a fandom theme, but you will be able to choose whatever image/s you like to compile your icon.