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Non animated Icon Contests for all fandoms

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I'm a little new with livejournal, but already I've fallen in love with icon contest communities like these, so I've decided to dive right in and make one of my own.
This is an icon creating community for all fandoms; books, television, movies, etc. I will take suggestions for which fandom will be featured each week, so feel free to leave a comment with a request. I will also take suggestions for bases.
Want to contact me? My personal lj is sveltskye.

The rules are:

1) No animated icons

2) No voting for yourself

3) No asking anyone to vote for you- you must remain anonymous

4) No posting your icon or using your icon before the results are announced

5) Submissions must be no bigger than 100x100, as according to lj's policies.

6) Only jpg, gif, and png format allowed.

Entries that break any of these rules will be deleted.
Entries must be submitted by 9 pm on Fridays.
Voting will take place by poll, starting at 9 pm on Fridays and ending
at 9 pm on Sundays, at which point the top three winners and a mod's
choice winner will be announced. You may submit by posting a reply to
each post with a base. The comments will be screened so that only I and
the creator can see them.
Please submit your entry by posting an src and url, as so:




Images must be posted from and linked to a hosting site, such as

The rules and that bit of history were heavily borrowed from the HPStillness group


100x100, a little princess, actress, alanna, angel, anime, anne, anne mccaffrey, anne of green gables, artemis fowl, arwen, ats, babylon five, bands, batman, books, bridget jones diary, bridget jones' diary, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, camelot, charmed, chloe, clark, comics, cruel intentions, daemons, dark is rising, dead like me, degrassi, degrassi high, dirty dancing, discworld, disney, donnie darko, douglas adams, dune, emma, enchanted forest chronicles, ender's game, escaflowne, fairy tales, fandom, fans, felicity, final fantasy viii, fruits basket, gilmore girls, harry potter, hermione granger, highlander, his dark materials, icon contest, icons, james bond, jane austen, king arthur, l.m. montgomery, lana, leia, les miserables, lex, lex luther, little women, lloyd alexander, lm montgomery, lord of the rings, lorelei, lost, lotr, luke, lyra, malcolm in the middle, movie, movies, musicals, my so called life, neil gaiman, non animated icons, orson scott card, particia a. mckillip, patricia c. wrede, pern, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, plays, princess mononoke, redwall, rocky horror picture show, rory, roswell, sailor moon, saiyuki, sarah michelle geller, saved by the bell, sex and the city, shakespeare, sherwood smith, shoujo kakumei utena, shrek, six feet under, smallville, spiderman, star trek, star wars, stillness, superman, tamora pierce, television, television show, that 70's show, the beatles, the black cauldron, the enchanted forest chronicles, the incredibles, the matrix, the nightmere before christmas, the oc, the outsiders, the princess bride, the princess diaries, the sandman, the simpsons, the who, toy story, trading spaces, tv, tv show, utena, vampires, will, willow, x files, x men, x-files, xander, xena, xena warrior princess